Styling beard prohibited in this city of Pakistan

Following the suit of Ormara town in Gwadar District , Kharan city of Balochistan has also barred men from styling beard calling it a blasphemous act. Assistant Commissioner Kharan, Muhammad Baksh Sajdi issued the notification [...]

Pakistani Christian Lawyer Gets Death Threats for Helping Minorities

The lawyer, Jacqueline Sultan, said she received a letter warning her that she will be killed if she continues to pursue her advocacy of helping Pakistani Christians accused of blasphemy and those forced to convert [...]

Pakistani Minority community facing harassment at every level says Christian lawyer

Ms. Jacqueline Sultan in her meeting with representative of a daily newspaper said that Minority Protection bill can protect minorities rights like forced marriages, forced conversion of religion and changing minds of immature children for [...]

Minorities under attack in Pakistan

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s hollow claims (March 14) that in Pakistan all faiths enjoy equal rights under the Constitution fell flat when a 23-year old student, Mashal, a member of the minority Ahmediya sect was lynched [...]

Pakistan Professor from Minority Ahmadi Sect Fatally Stabbed

Pakistani police say a university professor from the Ahmadi sect was found stabbed to death in what may be the latest in Islamic militant attack on members of the minority group. Officer Mohammad Ali says [...]

Pakistan army foils ‘major terrorist attack’ on minority Christians

Pakistan's military says security forces foiled a "major terrorist attack" on minority Christians when they killed a militant and detained his associate in the eastern city of Lahore. In a statement, the military said Saturday [...]

Muslim minorities in Pakistan increasingly targeted

Twenty people including four women were killed on Sunday in the Mohammad Ali sanctuary in the province of the Pakistani province of Punjab by men armed with batons and knives. Three suspects were quickly arrested, [...]

Gunmen Assassinate Prominent Minority Activist in Pakistan

Unknown gunmen in central Pakistan have killed a prominent local leader of the minority Ahmadi community, a day after a new report spoke of increasing violence against what is referred to as the country’s most [...]

Minority women still most underrepresented in Pakistan

It is quite rare to see woman taking up leadership roles in a society like ours. This becomes more evident especially in minority groups where female representation is lesser than usual, particularly in politics. It [...]

Minorities tell Pakistan’s top security chief their concerns

A delegation of religious minorities met Pakistan's top national security adviser to raise their concerns on a range of issues affecting their communities such as the misuse of blasphemy laws and forced conversions. The delegation [...]

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