Styling beard prohibited in this city of Pakistan

Following the suit of Ormara town in Gwadar District , Kharan city of Balochistan has also barred men from styling beard calling it a blasphemous act. Assistant Commissioner Kharan, Muhammad Baksh Sajdi issued the notification [...]

Pakistan’s First Census Since 1998, Source of Fear and Hope for Minorities

Marginalised, attacked and frequently hit by blasphemy charges, Pakistan's religious minorities are hoping the country's first census since 1998 will be a step towards greater political representation and rights. In the congested Lahore district of [...]

Minorities under attack in Pakistan

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s hollow claims (March 14) that in Pakistan all faiths enjoy equal rights under the Constitution fell flat when a 23-year old student, Mashal, a member of the minority Ahmediya sect was lynched [...]

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