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Unknown men murder Christian rickshaw driver, police labels killing as ‘suicide’

A Christian man mysteriously murdered while the police tries to portray the murder as “suicide.” Details emerged that 25-year-old, Shahzad Masih, resident of Patoki was shot dead, allegedly by two Muslim men who had hired [...]

Gujranwala: Blasphemy accused elderly Christian awaits bail

Blasphemy accusation sends a 70-year-old elderly Pakistani Christian reeling as he awaits bail. Mukhtar Masih has been embroiled in a blasphemy case; while the accusers had claimed that Mukhtar had written blasphemous messages. The respondent [...]

2016 rundown: Approximately 1 Christian killed in every 6 minutes

Details reveal horrific levels of Christian persecution in 2016. The report emerged most recently disclosed that Christians can easily be termed as the most persecuted people in the world. In keeping with renowned Italian sociologist [...]

Condition of minorities worsening in Pakistan: HRCP

The condition of minorities is worsening and it is nearly impossible for those accused in blasphemy cases to have a trial in Pakistan, according to I.A. Rehman of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). [...]

Demonstration by EOPM in front of United Nations in Geneva on 20 September 2016


The rise in crimes against women in Pakistan has shocked people all over the world. According to a report by a leading human rights group an average of nine women are killed daily across the [...]

Attacks Against Muslims in Pakistan

The number of people who informally follow Sufi traditions is believed to be in the millions in Pakistan. They have long been condemned as un-Islamic by fundamentalist groups because they worship saints and perform [...]

Attacks Against Hindus in Pakistan

Although no formal figures are available, anecdotal evidence and human rights groups say that attacks against Hindus have risen in the last two years, with temples and worshippers targeted, especially in Sindh province. Hindus [...]

Attacks Against Ahmadyyas in Pakistan

Pakistan's Ahmadis, declared non-Muslims by the majority Sunni Muslims in Pakistan, face increasing levels of violence in the country. For Islamic fundamentalists the Ahmadis are a heretical sect that cannot claim to be Muslim [...]

Attacks Against Sikhs in Pakistan

Kidnapped Sikh trader found murdered in Pakistan (Tuesday, 8 January, 2013) The dismembered body of an abducted Sikh community member was found in Chora area of the Khyber Agency on 8 January, 2013, official [...]

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