Florida Couple Shelters Persecuted Pakistani Christian

Pakistani Christian miraculously survives  a Taliban attack which affected almost 300 either dead or injured. Junaid Saqib continued to work on behalf of religious minorities, but now has found refuge in Lakeland, Florida. The father of [...]

Pakistan’s First Census Since 1998, Source of Fear and Hope for Minorities

Marginalised, attacked and frequently hit by blasphemy charges, Pakistan's religious minorities are hoping the country's first census since 1998 will be a step towards greater political representation and rights. In the congested Lahore district of [...]

Pakistani Christian Lawyer Gets Death Threats for Helping Minorities

The lawyer, Jacqueline Sultan, said she received a letter warning her that she will be killed if she continues to pursue her advocacy of helping Pakistani Christians accused of blasphemy and those forced to convert [...]

Pakistani Minority community facing harassment at every level says Christian lawyer

Ms. Jacqueline Sultan in her meeting with representative of a daily newspaper said that Minority Protection bill can protect minorities rights like forced marriages, forced conversion of religion and changing minds of immature children for [...]

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