Gunmen Assassinate Prominent Minority Activist in Pakistan

Unknown gunmen in central Pakistan have killed a prominent local leader of the minority Ahmadi community, a day after a new report spoke of increasing violence against what is referred to as the country’s most [...]

Minority women still most underrepresented in Pakistan

It is quite rare to see woman taking up leadership roles in a society like ours. This becomes more evident especially in minority groups where female representation is lesser than usual, particularly in politics. It [...]

Minorities tell Pakistan’s top security chief their concerns

A delegation of religious minorities met Pakistan's top national security adviser to raise their concerns on a range of issues affecting their communities such as the misuse of blasphemy laws and forced conversions. The delegation [...]

Discriminatory ad in KP newspaper draws public outrage

An advertisement placed by the tehsil administration of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) in District Bannu for certain vacant posts has hurt the religious sensibilities of minorities. The column in the ad stated that religious minorities such as ‘Christians and Shias’ [...]

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