A Christian man mysteriously murdered while the police tries to portray the murder as “suicide.” Details emerged that 25-year-old, Shahzad Masih, resident of Patoki was shot dead, allegedly by two Muslim men who had hired his rickshaw. Victim’s family claims that the police are overlooking the evidences pointing towards the murder but are reluctant to carry out fair investigations.

When Shahzad did not return, early next morning his family contacting his friends and close family; as they were completely clueless about his whereabouts. Same day, in the afternoon, his brother Tariq approached local police station and reported that his brother was missing. He informed the police that Shahzad never stayed out overnight without informing his family.

After an hour, Tariq received a phone call from the police station informing his about an unidentified dead body found near Sugar Mill Colony, just off Patoki Malawala Bypass. Consequently, the entire family rushed to the site only to find out that the dead body was of Shahzad. Police transported the dead body to the Patoki Civil Hospital and a post mortem was carried out.

Nonetheless, the family of the victim have not received the post mortem report; furthermore the police reportedly forced the family to bury the dead body as soon as possible. Victim’s family have sought to get the post mortem report however police is showing reluctance in providing details to Shahzad’s family.

Moreover, Shahzad’s family maintained that they had seen a bullet wound on Shahzad’s forehead, however, the police are trying to portray the murder as a suicide. Victim’s family further claims that the police are carrying out disingenuous investigations as they are focusing on Shahzad’s quarrel with his fiancé in order to portray the murder as a suicide.

Kashif Sheikh who was named in the First Investigations Report (FIR) was hooked by the police and is still in police custody however he denies involvement in Shahzad Masih’s murder. While the victimized family has expressed suspicion that the police is trying to protect Kashif and is issuing mendacious statements.

“I am totally demoralized by the lack of impetus shown by the police. They seem determined to label my brother’s death as a suicide but he was the most successful of us and was to be married in a few weeks. I am a simple sewage worker earning very little, Shahzad was earning good money and hoped one day to run his own business. We were all so proud of him we are devastated by news of his death,” BPCA quoted Tariq Masih.